Broken Mirrors

Broken Mirrors Serialized online novel which continues the story of Marla Mason in T A Pratt s urban fantasy series Sorcerer Marla Mason has never been afraid of a fight but she s about to face her greatest challen

  • Title: Broken Mirrors
  • Author: T.A. Pratt Tim Pratt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 255
  • Format: ebook
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    Serialized online novel which continues the story of Marla Mason in T.A Pratt s urban fantasy series.Sorcerer Marla Mason has never been afraid of a fight, but she s about to face her greatest challenge herself Or, at least, an alternate universe version of herself, a woman who succumbed to the evil power of a cursed artifact and become a monstrous villain Now this darSerialized online novel which continues the story of Marla Mason in T.A Pratt s urban fantasy series.Sorcerer Marla Mason has never been afraid of a fight, but she s about to face her greatest challenge herself Or, at least, an alternate universe version of herself, a woman who succumbed to the evil power of a cursed artifact and become a monstrous villain Now this dark doppelganger is loose in Marla s world and she has an agenda even terrible than Marla can imagine.

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    • Samantha wickedshizuku Tolleson says:

      Well this was a crazy a$$ plot

    • Kathy says:

      Broken Mirrors,I strongly suggest you read the previous book in the series (Blood Engines, Poison Sleep, Dead Reign and Spell Games) prior to reading this installment.I was so excited when I saw that there was another Marla Mason novel. I thought due to financial issues, this series unwisely received the short end of the publishing stick. I was also distraught especially since Spell Games ended on a huge-cliffhanger!Marla Mason is back in action, tough-as-nails with a magical-swagger to match. M [...]

    • Julia says:

      Marla, I love you.It is an interesting coincidence that several of my favorite series (Kate Daniels, Rachel Morgan, to name two) got a relatively neutral reaction from me at first. When I started the first book about Marla and Felport, I was not swept away. There was no romance, no sex to take a cheap shot and get me hooked. Luckily, the romance came later, if not the sex. Marla is in love with Felport, she's loyal and passionate about her lieutenants and her apprentice and her city. Beneath the [...]

    • February Four says:

      You can tell it could use a bit more editing, but Pratt is true to form--the stakes just get bigger, bigger, and bigger. I mean, BIGGER. This is great stuff! If this is the potential, unedited Pratt, I can see why I liked the Marla Mason books so much.But the book needs an editor pretty badly. The story is large and needs a lot of wrangling, and often it doesn't quite seem as if Pratt is up to it. Now that I've read a little more about Pratt himself, I can understand why (because of his life cir [...]

    • James Murphy says:

      Thus far in the Marla Mason series, the badass sorcerer has faced some pretty tough characters. However, in "Broken Mirrors," she faces a truly tough character: herself. Or, more to the point, a truly evil version of herself. In a misguided effort to bring a version of her friend Bradley Bowman into this world, Marla opens a rift in space-time that allows evil Marla and her equally evil sidekick Crapsey to enter as well. Evil Marla and her sidekick start bringing the mayhem, and Marla and her si [...]

    • Baal Of says:

      I was hovering between a 3 and a 4 on this episode, until the end where Marla actually suffered serious consequence for her actions that led to so many deaths. No magical ending where she is forgiven for her short-sighted, reckless endangerment of her entire city and beyond, and that made all the difference. It will be interesting to see where Pratt takes Marla next.

    • July says:

      Liked:* Marla's overwhelming (and blinding) love for B.* The plot was engaging and kept me engrossed and guessing.* I'm a sucker for alternate universes and learning about the major life turning points that shape our beloved characters.* Genuinely creepy villain(s).Liked Less:* The book seemed almost more focused on bizarro Marla & Rondeau.* Deaths were handled rather cavalierly with no real emotional impact for the characters. It makes sense in some cases but not in others. Overall, a solid [...]

    • Reed says:

      I'm a bit torn on how to comment on Pratt's latest novel, Broken Mirrors. On the one hand, I was quite happy he published another Marla Mason novel, as I find the series one of the few non-cookie cutter urban fantasy series out there. Marla is a tough chick, but has no sexual agenda, never swoons over vampires, elves, or werewolves, and generally could care less of most people like her or not. Plus, they books are just plain fun.Fans of Pratt realize that the fact the novel even exists is a happ [...]

    • Glennis says:

      This story was serialized on the net at marlamason/mirrors/ I bought a finished copy in eformat only online so I wouldn't have to reload pages and read it when and where I wanted to. The downside to reading this on my phone was I didn't read the book all in one setting but in bits in pieces which turned out to be fine with the way it was written. The events in the book deal with the aftereffects of Spell Games. After the death of someone close to her she tries to bring this person back to her by [...]

    • Wealhtheow says:

      After one of her few friends dies, Marla is desperate to bring him back--desperate enough that she threatens a guardian of all reality into letting her kidnap another version of him from an alternate reality. But of course this rips a hole that goes both ways, and the supremely evil Marla Mason from the alternate world comes to this one, just as our Marla crosses over into the other. They each wreak havoc in each other's realities for a while, and it's pretty fun to watch until the Mason (view s [...]

    • April says:

      This series reminds me of how I started with Jim Butcher's Dresden series in that I almost didn't finish the first book in either series because it wasn't until the last 1/4 of the books that it got interesting for me. Then they took off and I have loved every book since. The world building and odd characters are what does it for me. Pratt has created such a cool world with all sorts of wacky neat magic stuff - it's the same thing I like about Simon Green's Nightside series. Pratt also does a go [...]

    • Bryan Ewert says:

      50% new story, 50% recap. OK, it wasn't quite that bad, but there were so many paragraphs dedicated to serve as an introduction for the uninitiated reader that, overall, Broken Mirrors just falls flat. I would much prefer that an author give the reader a little credit, rather than catering the entire story to the newbie who jumps into a series at book #5 and expects to fully grasp the history of the characters.That said, I found the story a little weak. Too many convenient circumstances (extreme [...]

    • Andrew says:

      We've had Marla vs love and Marla vs family. Now it's time for Marla vs Marla. Which wraps up the first major plot arc, I guess. At least, we have enough apocalyptic catastrophe and consequence to count as the end of an arc, and scenery changes are promised for the next book.As before, the parallels (Marla's brother last book, her evil twin in this one) serve as effective reflections for just how relatively not-horrible Marla is.The book comes with author's notes attached (at marlamason) and I f [...]

    • Leslie says:

      Grim and grimmer; the only reason I hold back the fourth star is the utter disappointment I felt at the fact that so many interesting characters were slaughtered in the name of plot development, and Marla's reaction to the ending seemed utterly callous and selfish, even for her. Sorry, but did she really expect to stay in power after causing the deaths of so many people? I thought she was coming to terms with regret in the third book, but there was little evidence of that development here. Still [...]

    • Casey says:

      First of all: The fact that this novel exists makes me really happy. Pratt basically crowdfunded it after Bantam dropped the series, and I'm so glad that that worked.Something about the pacing and structure of this novel really worked for me, because I was just SO NERVOUS while reading it. I think it's because the reader has so much more information than the characters about certain things, and it's like when you want to scream at the girl in the horror movie to NOT GO DOWN THAT HALLWAY! I think [...]

    • Charles says:

      Another enjoyable read in the Marla Mason series. Not the strongest in the series, and it felt a bit too plot-driven at times without a much character development; but overall it was still very satisfying. I think, though, that the nature of this story, essentially Marla versus Marla, would seem to leave the series at a point where any sequels will either have to scale back in scope or else risk going too far over the top in attempting to take things to a higher level. While Mr. Pratt left thing [...]

    • Virginia Aikens says:

      Another WinI started this series last week and have been thoroughly sucked in. I care about all the characters, both major and minor, and I particularly enjoy that they are all developed with plans and motivations. If you are interested in an butt-kicking sorcerer with almost no subtlety and a cast of sometimes good, sometimes evil allies and competitors, this is a series for you. I would not recommend starting with this book; although it can certainly stand on it's own merits it will be a much [...]

    • Kate says:

      The first Marla Mason I read, Dead Reign, remains my favorite. This probably comes in second. I enjoyed (view spoiler)[the alternate world with its evil versions of Marla, but I'm not generally a fan of alternate worlds. (hide spoiler)] On the other hand, I was annoyed at Marla for (view spoiler)[blaming Rondeau for taking the life that he did. I understand that she feels upset, but she seems to treat him as though he intentionally murdered someone, which he didn't. (hide spoiler)] It also felt [...]

    • Nick Fagerlund says:

      And there aren't really any redshirts in the series; if Pratt needs a sacrifice, he'll prefer to burn an interesting character who's been around for three books. Or four or five of those, in this case.This book marks a decent almost-end for the story. There are more of them, which I'll probably read at some point, but they're clearly Season Two; this closes off Season One, and I was pretty satisfied with the outcome.

    • Pat Stevenson says:

      I really enjoy the Marla Mason series. Here Marla is her typical snarky self. But this time she must battle her evil twin from another reality. One who did not have Marla's restraint when it came to 'The Cape.' I do recommend reading these books in order. This one, especially, because it refers to many characters from past books and also it helps to know the background of characters from Marla's world when you encounter them in the alter-universe.

    • Azikiwe says:

      I didn't get it. Why was Bradley Bowmen so important to her that she was willing to go up against the universal entity. Break the laws of the universe for a guy she hardy knew. Like the first book apparently didn't even happen a year ago. I'm not the smartest guy in the world but I know fucking alternate universe is bad.

    • Rosalind M says:

      Very glad for the chance to continue the Marla Mason series, but as another reviewer pointed out, this did seem a little overlong at times. Take the comment as a heads-up, not as a reason to skip this, because there are too many developments in this installment for you to miss.

    • William P. says:

      This is probably the weakest Marla Mason book thus far. I like it, overall, but not a lot. Too many pop culture references, too much focus away from Marla, and a strange lack of depth to most of the characters plagued this installment. Or at least that's how it came across to me.

    • Tammykirk says:

      I really enjoyed the latest book in the Marla Mason series. The ending (many parts of it, at least) wasn't entirely surprising but getting there was fun. I hope that the self-publishing method worked well enough for this book that Pratt will continue with the series.

    • Diana Thayer says:

      Glad there were consequences for Marla going AWOL, though the whole plot was kind of obvious in terms of what was going to happen; I got kind of impatient at times, but overall, still an enjoyable read.

    • Karen Desmond says:

      I do enjoy this series. A real shame that there's no new paperbacks but at least there are e-books to keep me happy.

    • Liz Utter says:

      not exactly my kind of book but it did hold my attention. It was well written

    • Corey says:

      Tim Rocks. Can't wait to start next installment

    • John Adams says:

      Another fun entry in a fun series, particularly in the way the protagonist's poor, impulsive decisions finally come back to haunt her.

    • Tara says:

      good series

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