PunisherMAX, Vol. 1: Kingpin

PunisherMAX Vol Kingpin An all new story from the acclaimed team of Jason Aaron WOLVERINE WEAPON X and Steve Dillon PUNISHER WELCOME BACK FRANK two guys who were born to tell the exploits of Marvel s most brutal vigilante

  • Title: PunisherMAX, Vol. 1: Kingpin
  • Author: Jason Aaron Steve Dillon
  • ISBN: 9780785140719
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback
  • Punisher MAX Vol In the Beginning Feb , Punisher Max Vol is a great hardcover collection of the first two trades of Garth Ennis and his great but long run on the Punisher and this is coming from someone who generally doesn t like his work The first story is one that deals with a special task force that wants to recruit the infamous Punisher to kill criminals for them and one of it s members is also long time supporting member Micro. PunisherMAX, Vol Kingpin by Jason Aaron PunisherMAX, Vol book Read reviews from the world s largest community for readers An all new story from the acclaimed team of Jason Aaron WOLVER Punisher MAX Vol Marvel Database FANDOM powered by Wikia In accordance with the naming conventions, it has been suggested that this page be moved to Punishermax Vol Please do not move this page yet, as the correct name could still be in discussion and may change again soon. Punisher Max The Complete Collection, Vol by Garth Ennis Jan , This volume collects the four issue mini series Born and the first twelve issues of the Punisher MAX series, all of which is written by Garth Ennis this being his second take on the character after a previous run on one of the character s titles , with art by Darick Robertson Born , Lewis LaRosa , and Leandro Fernandez It is a Punisher Max Vol Hardcover Comic Books Comics Sep , This deluxe hardcover collects PUNISHER MAX VOL IN THE BEGINNING and PUNISHER MAX VOL KITCHEN IRISH, plus a hefty helping of DVD style extras In IN THE BEGINNING, Frank Castle s old associate Microchip is back, and he s after the Punisher But first, he s got an offer for Frank that he d Punishermax Vol Hey Kids Comics Wiki FANDOM File Punishermax Vol Tim Variantg Tim Bradstreet Variant B File Punishermax Vol Textlessg Textless Punishermax Vol January, Editor in Chief Joe Quesada Cover Artists Dave Johnson Steve Dillon Publisher Marvel Comics Kingpin, Part One Writers Jason Aaron Pencilers Steve Dillon Inkers Steve Dillon.

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      220 Jason Aaron Steve Dillon
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    An all new story from the acclaimed team of Jason Aaron WOLVERINE WEAPON X and Steve Dillon PUNISHER WELCOME BACK FRANK , two guys who were born to tell the exploits of Marvel s most brutal vigilante Wilson Fisk is a bodyguard for mob boss Don Rigoletto, but he has his eyes on a much bigger prize, and he s gonna use Frank Castle to help him realize his dreams It s tAn all new story from the acclaimed team of Jason Aaron WOLVERINE WEAPON X and Steve Dillon PUNISHER WELCOME BACK FRANK , two guys who were born to tell the exploits of Marvel s most brutal vigilante Wilson Fisk is a bodyguard for mob boss Don Rigoletto, but he has his eyes on a much bigger prize, and he s gonna use Frank Castle to help him realize his dreams It s the biggest story in MAX history, as we witness the birth of the greatest villain the Punisher has ever faced COLLECTING PunisherMAX 1 5

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    • Eisnein says:

      PunisherMAX - Volume 1: Kingpin3.25 out of 5.0 Stars, rounded down to 3 stars.[Some small spoilers: caveat lector and R.I.P. Steve Dillon.]The Punisher isn't even close to being a superhero. His only super-power is limitless hatred, and he's really more of a psychotic serial killer than a 'hero'. Jason Aaron has taken Garth Ennis' character-redefining run on 'The Punisher' and used it as a foundation for his own twist on the kill-crazy thug with a big fucking skull on his chest. This is the unce [...]

    • Sam Quixote says:

      Garth Ennis’ run on The Punisher is THE definitive version of the character in the same way that Ed Brubaker/Steve Epting’s Captain America and Matt Fraction/David Aja’s Hawkeye are the pinnacles for those characters - nobody did it better, before or after, and those characters were completely changed (for the better) after those creators left. That is until Jason Aaron stepped up to the plate and began a limited series on one of Ennis’ best-loved Marvel titles, The Punisher MAX - and, s [...]

    • Stephen says:

      4.5 stars. This was a really fun story arc and was just under a five star effort in my opinion. The Kingpin and the Punisher are two of my favorite Marvel characters and this a great showcase for them, though mainly for the Kingpin. Vulgar, violent, graphic, very adult and also very, very good. Recommended!!!

    • Ashish Iyer says:

      This is a very dark and well written story. It has to be the most violent and impressive comic book I've read so far. The King Pin is far more scary and dangerous as a villain.

    • Cheese says:

      Very good, much better than the Garth Ennis run. This should be a film.

    • Aaron says:

      Holy hell, THIS is a Punisher story. A potential problem with writing stories about a lone man whose only goal in life is to kill criminals is how quickly you can run out of options. The character of Frank Castle doesn't have a lot of places to go, as he's basically just a human terminator. Aaron steps around these problems in a similar way to Garth Ennis before him: develop the OTHER characters around Punisher.This volume focuses on Wilson Fisk as he makes a brutal, bloody drive at becoming the [...]

    • Mike says:

      Fast-paced, sparsely written, good solid action. Great use of Dillon to tell yet another tale of Mr. Castle.I read it in one sitting, so fast it was over before I could really ruminate over the story as it played out. It was just so much *fun* to read that I didn't want to put it down for a minute. Knowing that I have volume 2 right beside me definitely "enabled" my addictive consumption - but the DT's after I'm done the next one are going to be *hard*.I have fabulously enjoyed Aaron's Scalped - [...]

    • Angela says:

      The Punisher hears about a mythical Kingpin and tries to find him. First off, this is very violent, lots of curse word and not for children. I would also not class it as a Punisher book. It is more of an origin story of Fisk and how he comes to power. An ok read.

    • Martin says:

      If I had the opportunity to read only one Punisher story, it would have to be Jason Aaron's run on PunisherMAX, which lasted only 22 issues and is collected in 4 trade paperbacks (the Omnibus version, in my opinion, is only a matter of time). Those of you who've not yet read this brutal and (let's be honest here) tragic exploration of Frank Castle should do so post-haste. You won't regret it.This series was published under Marvel's MAX imprint, where pretty much anything goes, and the author doe [...]

    • Mark Desrosiers says:

      Just as he did so often (and to memorable effect) in Scalped, Jason Aaron drops frame after frame of moral ambiguity to a Manichean plot structure. Here, we are introduced to a foe, a hideous man-mountain who commits an unwatchable act of violence during a meeting. He's rendered by Steve Dillon as a Grimace-shaped (I'm talking the McDonald's character) hybrid of Tor Johnson and Lex Luthor, but Aaron takes him home to his loving wife and young child, who he kisses and tucks into bed. We even get [...]

    • Artemy says:

      Absolutely epic. After more than disappointing volume 2 of Punisher MAX by Garth Ennis, this one feels like a breath of fresh air! This is how Ennis' run should have been like. Part of it is due to Dillon's iconic artwork, best known from Preacher, but actually, Jason Aaron pulls a far more convincing Ennis-style story here than the man himself. We have a lot of brutal violence, sharp dialogue, and a very fast-paced, thrilling story. We also get an actual, proper Marvel villain instead of those [...]

    • Emmett Spain says:

      3.5 Stars.When Jason Aaron is writing a MAX series about the Punisher, you know it's going to get wild. Add in the artist most famous for his run on the ultraviolent Preacher, Steve Dillon, and you've got a cocktail of crazy about to unleash the nastiness. And yes, it gets incredibly nasty.This story is essentially an exercise in profanity, gore, and cruelty. If you take these elements away, or perhaps tone them down in your mind, what is left is actually a well crafted story of Kingpin's rise t [...]

    • Jakub Rabyniuk says:

      Awesome as hell. For me this is even by one step better than Punisher from Ennis. Best art from Dillon I ever see (maybe becouse colorist Matt Hollingsworth - don´t know). There is maybe more Kingpin than Punisher, but it´s ok becouse he´s most evil fat bastard since Eric Cartman. If you don´t do it, than I make a phone call, and within a hour, your mother´s teeth are knocked out and she´s being face-f****d by by every gangbangers in Crown Heights. You little brother, what´s he? Four year [...]

    • Jacobi says:

      This book is hard. It's full of hard men, doing hard things, and it can be hard to read at times. Aaron continues in the vein of Ennis before him, and pushes the limits of what you expect to see in a mainstream comic. And while I find Frank Castle to be pretty boring, the rise of this version of the Kingpin is pretty interesting. He's an outright bastard, who does terrible things to people all around him, yet I'm rooting for him to reach his goal of becoming the ultimate Don of NY? The fuck?

    • Du4 says:

      Jason Aan does a great job continuing the high bar for NC-17 rated Punisher tales. It's not quite Ennis's psychologically charged exploration of the character; in fact, it's much more reminiscent of Ennis's early Punisher work (ably assisted by fhe comedy stylings of Steve Dillon's art). Still it's good enough to make for a thoroughly enjoyable trade read.

    • Stephen says:

      I gotta admit, I did not like what this was leading up to. They should have been able to find a way to make Castle live near forever (such as the serum Nick Fury, the WWII vet, takes).

    • Travis says:

      Like 3.75This is pretty gross in some parts. In addition to that, Wilson Fisk/Kingpin is the worst person ever. He only cares about his stupid, delusional wife. UGH, I just hate him so much. He's pure evil. Anyway, if you are really opposed to reading anything violent, this is not for you! This has some unnecessary moments of violence, but that's Punisher for you. Besides that, I felt I learned a lot about Wilson Fisk. I also see his uprising, which is interesting.

    • Hal Incandenza says:

      Favoloso. Sarà che in questo periodo ho una cotta inguaribile per Jason Aaron, ma questi primi 11 numeri sono uno spettacolo. Violentissimo (ma sempre in funzione della scrittura e della storia), non in continuity (esticazzi) e con i disegni di Steve Dillon. Non vedo l’ora esca il terzo volume con la seconda parte della run di Aaron. Da leggere assolutamente!

    • Andy 117 says:

      Garth Ennis' Punisher MAX is fine. Great, even! I have only read a few volumes, though, and it seems very singular. The Punisher is mean and shoots many people, very harshly. That's The Punisher, alright! And as I will defend with my life, it's one of the greatest little Punisher things that exists. Crude, offensive, and undoubtedly inappropriate for all ages, it's a film noir pastiche that lacks the otherwise inherent subtlety of that genre, and puts demonstrating a seedy, bloody underbelly of [...]

    • Colin McKay Miller says:

      Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon’s PunisherMAX: Kingpin tries on an adult variation, but it still shows that the Punisher is kinda boring. New York mobsters are fed up of the Punisher—the vigilante, Frank Castle, who goes all out in his violence to stop crime—and, knowing that he always goes after the top dog, they devise a plan to create a Kingpin of Crime to lure him in. There’s just one problem: the man they’ve picked to do this, Wilson Fisk, is actually planning to double-cross them an [...]

    • JoãoJorge says:

      Full of gratuitous violence, some really amusing black humor deaths and The Punisher! I should love this comic. I did not. The story is set up well, with great promise for the plot but the development is not the best. This is essentially an origin story for the Kingpin and nothing more. The punisher is almost like a guest star in his own comic. We expect a really badass, violence overdose when The Punisher and Kingpin come face to face but the problem is that moment never comes. There´s a small [...]

    • Michael Emond says:

      Solid art job by Dillon. He's not my fav artist but I have to admit he's a wonderful storyteller. Keeping it simple but expressive. The story is an interesting premise (MAX Universe isn't in the same as the regular Marvel Universe), it shows the rise of the body guard Wilson Fisk to the Kingpin. I did enjoy the story (although it is a quick read) but there weren't that many "wow" moments that you couldn't see coming once the premise was laid out. The way the Kingpin takes down the other Mob head [...]

    • Zoidzilla says:

      Wow, when you come down from reading Garth Ennis's Punisher, your expectations are high. i wish that i had not read Garth's Punisher before reading this. This book was not great, nudity for the sake of nudity, violence that was not dark just put in for comic relief, and a dumb as rocks Punisher. This seems to be like a bronze age Punisher title all that is missing is the for him to have an adventure in which his essence is split up amongst all the color's of the rainbow. This book had a great id [...]

    • Nick says:

      I got into Garth Ennis' run on The Punisher a few years ago, mainly because the MAX line from Marvel let creators show Frank Castle in the type of story that would only work for him: no holds barred. Ennis has since departed the title, leaving the duties to Jason Aaron. Kingpin is the first storyline under Aaron's direction (along with Steve Dillon on art), and it's a doozy. Aaron wisely focuses the majority of his time on Wilson Fisk, but cares enough to draw the necessary parallels between Fis [...]

    • New Frontiersnerd says:

      JUSTICEIRO MAX: REI DO CRIME, DE JASON AARON, STEVE DILLON E MATT HOLLINGSWORTH: ASSASSINATOS, TORTURAS E ESTUPROS EM WIDESCREENPunisher MAX, a série que teve as suas 5 primeiras edições reunidas em Justiceiro MAX: Rei do Crime, tem um fundamento: repetir o MOJO de Garth Ennis com o personagem.Para isso, Axel Alonso, editor da linha, reuniu Jason Aaron, um Ennis versão sério [como o da primeira série do Justiceiro publicada pelo selo MAX] e melhorada, e Steve Dillon, colaborador habitual d [...]

    • Michal Vámoš says:

      Jeden z nejlepších Punisherů, kterého jsem kdy četl. Kresba Stevea Dillona byla pořád taková, jaká byla i u Ennise, ale já jsem na něj docela zvyklý, takže kresba ok. Co se příběhu týče, zdá se mi, že Punisher tady hraje spíše druhé housle, ale sledovat v hlavní roli Fiska, který se pomalu propracovává k reputaci krále zločinu, bylo taky fajn. Akorát se mi zdálo, že Aaron plně nevyužil potenciálu střetů Punishera a Kingpina. Pokud si dobře vzpomínám, Punis [...]

    • Arno Callens says:

      Jason Aaron retells the tale of the Kingpin's rise, and while he may still stick to closely to Garth Ennis' trademark cheeky gore and grotesque characters, the way he structures the story makes this version of Wilson Fisk's story more than just a retread.I'm reviewing this after having read the second arc Bullseye, and realizing now the Kingpin-arc serves as a bridge between Ennis' and Aaron's take on the character. Luckily Steve Dillon's by now familiar but never not impressive art makes this a [...]

    • Gustavo Nascimento says:

      Esta história da série Max traz a melhor versão de origem do Rei do Crime que eu já vi em todas as mídias. Conta a história de Wilson Fisk em flashbacks desde a sua infância com os traumas que moldaram sua personalidade até o presente em que um plano dos principais mafiosos de Nova York para atrair o Justiceiro para uma armadilha dá origem ao Rei do Crime. A arte é muito boa e a violência é pesada até para os padrões Marvel Max.

    • Rigoberto says:

      A pretty good tale about the Punisher, though it focuses more on Wilson Fisk's rise to being the Kingpin. The artwork is not to my liking but it fits the story well. The plot is simple and fits the MAX universe for Punisher. This left me wanting more for the next volume which seems to have Bullseye as the next villain. Overall a good read, but not for those that expect cameos of other superheros since this story is taking place in its own timeline.

    • Robert Postill says:

      I had a rollicking good time reading this. In two sittings I'd devoured this little gem and I immediately grabbed the next volume.There's a melancholy running through this that is very deep at the end. As you'd expect with the punisher the unremitting violence is peppered with wit and the action has a lovely rhythm.

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