Die Wächter

Die W chter Set in the year the novel depicts a future authoritarian England divided into two distinct societies the modern overpopulated Conurbs and the aristocratic rarefied County the former consists

  • Title: Die Wächter
  • Author: John Christopher Johannes Piron
  • ISBN: 9783473580279
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Taschenbuch
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      493 John Christopher Johannes Piron
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    Set in the year 2052, the novel depicts a future, authoritarian England divided into two distinct societies the modern, overpopulated Conurbs and the aristocratic, rarefied County the former consists of crowded city districts and all pervasive technology while the latter is made up of manors and rolling countrysides typical of 19th century England The novel followsSet in the year 2052, the novel depicts a future, authoritarian England divided into two distinct societies the modern, overpopulated Conurbs and the aristocratic, rarefied County the former consists of crowded city districts and all pervasive technology while the latter is made up of manors and rolling countrysides typical of 19th century England The novel follows a young Conurban named Rob as he comes to experience life in both worlds, uncovering truths and choosing sides in the process.

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    • Ahmad Sharabiani says:

      The Guardians, John ChristopherThe Guardians is a young-adult science fiction novel written by John Christopher and published by Hamilton in 1970. Set in the year 2052, it depicts an authoritarian England divided into two distinct societies: the modern, overpopulated "Conurbs" and the aristocratic, rarefied "County". Crowded city districts and all-pervasive technology make up the Conurbs while manors and rolling countrysides typical of 19th-century England make up the County. The story follows a [...]

    • Jan-Maat says:

      A subtle dystopia set in a semi-futuristic or fairly contemporary Britain which we explore from the point of view of a child. The subtly comes in from being limited to a childs perceptions and your understanding of quite how dystopian the setting in develops in tandem with that of the child.The general idea is that Britain has been divided by a fence into a sprawling urban area known as the Conurb where the bulk of the population are kept under educated, amused by bread and circuses and distract [...]

    • Redfox5 says:

      Firstly, whoever gave the go ahead for this cover at New Windmill, should be fired. This is a children's book and nothing about the cover is inviting to a child or an adult. I also think it looks very misleading as The Guardians on the cover look like vampires. There no vampires in this book. What you do have in this story is a dystopian England, spilt into the conurbs and the county. I spent most of the time I was reading this trying to figure out what camp my home would be in, I'm in the middl [...]

    • Myriam Schärz says:

      I remember liking it a lot but will have to read it again soon. Was part of my English literature 25 years ago together with Brave New World and 1984

    • Douglas says:

      Back in grade 5 (6?) I assumed that "conurbation" was a made-up word. It wasn't until last year that I saw the word again & this book came rushing back ;)

    • Elissa says:

      I really enjoyed this; actually, didn't want it to end!

    • Kevin says:

      Hmm. One of those books I know I read, but remember nothing about other than that it was in my "read everything I can get my hands on by John Christopher" phase.

    • Ben says:

      John Christopher was the master of British teenage science fiction in the 60s, 70s and 80s. His short, easy-to-read novels were studied in schools and adapted for TV. He created fantastic adventure stories in which, typically, a teenage-boy protagonist fights against a repressive system or is a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world.The Guardians (1970) shares its themes of conditioning and the value of free will with Christopher's Tripods sequence, but in The Guardians there are no aliens. Humani [...]

    • Steve Groves says:

      Quick read at the block. Pity there wasn't a sequel as it would be interesting to see how the story developed.

    • Irene McHugh says:

      While I was searching for a book published in the year I was born, I came across this title: The Guardians by John Christopher. I immediately got a little giddy. I remember Mrs. Snellback in the sixth grade recommending The White Mountains to me. A book set in the future where the human population is controlled by these weird Tripod machines. She got me hooked not just on this series, but science-fiction in general. I read the entire trilogy and years later when John Christopher wrote When the T [...]

    • Mitchell says:

      John Christopher – author of the Tripods trilogy and The Death of Grass – died back in February, and I didn’t even find out until a few weeks ago, which bummed me out. So I ordered a few of his books off the Internet, ones which I’ve never read, because I like indulging in a bit of nostalgic young adult fiction (a genre which can be nostalgic even when you’ve never read the book in question) and I’m sure a writer who could put out a classic like the Tripods trilogy must have a good b [...]

    • Gale says:

      THE PRICE OF FREEDOM IN FUTURISTIC ENGLANDThe year is 2053 in England, a nation where people live either in the Conurb or the County. The psychological chasm that exits between the two lifestyles is vast, although there are those Commuters who straddle both worlds. Rob Randall is a boy raised in the Conurb--a sprawling, densely-packed megalopolis, whose masses are entertained with controlled riots and bloody sports events. But propaganda has made him scorn life in the County, where the Gentry (W [...]

    • sabisteb says:

      Rob lebt in der Konurba, einemriesigen Städteverbund. Lesen ist ein exotisches Hobby alle schaun Holovision. Die Massen werden mit Spielen und Karnevall bei Laune gehalten und die Agression in Kontrollierte Gewaltausbrüche nach Spielen kanalisiert. Rob ist zufrieden mit seinem Leben bis sein Vater stirbt. Er kommt in ein staatliches Internat in welchem er von den Mitschülern und Aufpassern gequält und drangsaliert wird. Schon bald bemerkt er, dass er anders ist. Statt sich in der Masse siche [...]

    • Nici says:

      I've been a huge John Christopher fan ever since I first watched "The Tripods" more than 23 years ago. I was still a child and scared by the Tripods, but also fascinated by the plot, the characters and this whole universe Christopher created.For a while (especially, after the series ended after only 2 parts - out of 3) I focused on something else, but a few years back my parents made me the best birthday present ever by getting me the dvds.I started re-watching the show and the hype was back. I [...]

    • Nicholas Whyte says:

      nhwvejournal/907874ml[return][return]Rather an interesting book. The narrator, Rob Randall, is brought up in the Conurb, the massive urban settlement in the future south-eastern England; he flees a grim boarding school to the County, the rural area where the rich people live, and manages to get adopted by a gentry family. But some among the younger generation believe that the system is rotten and must be smashed.[return][return]It must be twenty years since I read any of Christopher's books, and [...]

    • MisterFweem says:

      Read this one as a kid and enjoyed the subtlety, though at the time I'm sure I didn't know what subtlety meant. This is dystopia seen through the eyes of a kid, who can't see past first of all getting out of a bad situation into a better one to really see that the better one is just better in some ways, not all, and that the new situation may in fact be a lot crappier than the one he left. Christopher is a master of seeing things through the eyes of his protagonists, and letting the reader see t [...]

    • Rebecca says:

      Perfectly fine YA novel exploring a possible future for England, just not as good as some of the others by the great John Christopher. I enjoyed both as a teen and when revisiting as an adult. The ending works, but seems like there was an opening for a sequel that was never published. That is a shame because the set up for the sequel was quite strong. This book is often out of print and hard to find, but worth seeking for fans of this author.

    • Ozymandias says:

      This book, I read in my childhood. And now after about 10 years I still find it amazing. It is not like the tripod trilogy, It is very well-composed, strong narration. The world it depicts is even darker, and everyone identifies with the hero and yet the novel doesn't end pessimistically. There is still hope, maybe little but we keep fighting, we the rebellions, we the untamed ones. we don't want to be rules and be silent like a sheep at the altar.

    • jjonas says:

      Ihan ok vaikkakin melko suoraviivainen dystopiateemainen nuorisokirja.Kirja ei ollut pituudella pilattu. Teksti on yksinkertaista mutta sujuvaa. Asetelma on melko mustavalkoinen, mutta ei tämänmittaisen kirjan lukemisessa loppuun asti ollut mitään ongelmaa. En odottanut tämän olevan nuorisokirja, mutta eipä se kovin paljon haitannut. Päinvastoin sitä oli ihan mukava lukea silloin, kun ei jaksanut keskittyä johonkin vaativampaan lukemiseen tai tekemiseen.

    • Daniel Garrison says:

      It was an interesting story (as most of Christopher's books are) and a fast, YA read. If I had to complain about anything, it would be that I wish it would have been a bit longer as it seemed to me that he could have continued with the story - did the revolt succeed, did the two cultures continue to be separate, etc.? But that's just nitpicking. It actually made me want to revisit some of his other books which I haven't read in years.

    • Rob says:

      An interesting beginning, which describes Rob's dilemma and escape from the city. However, once he was in the County, it started to drag a little. The ending didn't satisfy me, as it felt rushed. Rob's sudden realization was too sudden, and I was wishing that the author had spent a little more time and effort in this process. The book was an easy read (young adult), which is what I was looking for, so I guess I can't really complain.

    • Samuel says:

      Second time around reading this for me, but my wife got to read it too this time. Wanted to refresh my memories of the storyline. Noticed "Die Wachter" has finally been released on Region 2 dvd and bought a copy. Only issue is there are no English subtitles and it's in the original German. So, having the story more clearly in mind should help our initial viewing I hope. Definitely one of my more favorite Christopher novels.

    • Tim Carter says:

      I have a different edition, but I remember I found this book awe-inspiring when I was "young", I was thrilled by the story. Not sure if I would still be, at the moment I haven't got the time to re-read.

    • Gail Morris says:

      I loved the book, but wish that my library carried more of this man's body of work. It is very depressing to find 1 book here and another there but not enough to just go through and read everything he has written.

    • Domic says:

      Read this in 8th grade when I was about 14 years old. Did not like the science fiction "1984"-like story at that time - but as it was in 1984 when we read it, I think my teacher had a point there

    • Freder says:

      In my younger days, anything by John Christopher was worth reading. THE GUARDIANS isn't in the league of his Tripod Trilogy, but it's still better than most young adult titles being published today.

    • Elena says:

      Review to come

    • Aaron says:

      Adequate teen fiction. Lacked any real verve.

    • Sarah-louise Macgregor says:

      done an essay on this at school and loved it

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