Dream Stalker

Dream Stalker All Emma wanted was to sell her enchanted teas in peace instead she s caught up in the chase for a killer who s stalking the streets of London He s targeting half bloods people with limited magical

  • Title: Dream Stalker
  • Author: Amy Hopkins
  • ISBN: 9781523702107
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Paperback
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      118 Amy Hopkins
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    All Emma wanted was to sell her enchanted teas in peace instead, she s caught up in the chase for a killer who s stalking the streets of London He s targeting half bloods, people with limited magical ability People just like Emma The police are baffled by the long string of deaths, but they re not willing to put in the legwork to make an arrest After all, magic usersAll Emma wanted was to sell her enchanted teas in peace instead, she s caught up in the chase for a killer who s stalking the streets of London He s targeting half bloods, people with limited magical ability People just like Emma The police are baffled by the long string of deaths, but they re not willing to put in the legwork to make an arrest After all, magic users can take care of themselves, right Except, those with real power don t give a damn about half bloods So, when Emma wakes from a strange dream that nearly gets her killed in the waking world, she knows she has to deal with it herself With only her boggart shop assistant and the two strange men who have offered to help, can she thwart the killer and make the city safe again

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    • Brenda Mcallister says:

      I downloaded the book this morning and didn't stop reading until I finished. This hooked me from the first page and didn't let go. It had all the elements I really like in a fantasy - great characters, magic, Otherworld beings, mystery, a little romance ( nothing to distract from the story ) and above all, an excellent storyteller.Emma is a half Talent able to do small magic. She is the owner of a tea shop where she charms and sells teas to other half bloods, some humans and the occasional full [...]

    • Chelsea says:

      More reviews available at my blog, Beauty and the Bookworm.Dream Stalker is Amy Hopkins' first book, and is also the first in a series focusing on witches and wizards, collectively known as the Talented, who live in London. The main character is half-blood Emma, who has minor Talent due to her mixed ancestry and runs a tea shop where she sells teas both normal and enchanted along with the help of her inherited boggart, Gibble, and her dog, Lenny. But Emma's peaceful, tea-filled existence is jeop [...]

    • chucklesthescot says:

      Five half-blood Talents are dead in five months, the latest a young witch who sold curse stones. Emma is concerned about the situation but concentrates on keeping her shop stock of healing teas up to date, with help from boggart assistant Gibble, and her beloved dog Lenny. But one night she wakes up from a dream to find herself holding a bloodsucking knife and trying to kill herself. Emma is lucky to survive and suspects that this is what happened to the other victims. But why was she able to su [...]

    • Julia says:

      I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I accidentally stumbled across Dream Stalker on Facebook and decided to give it a go thinking that it sounded like my kind of book, and after reading the first chapter I immediately requested an ARC to review and pre-ordered a copy for my kindle! Whilst reading the first chapter I got that feeling, you know the one where you start a new book by an author you have not read before and get the feeling that it is going to be a fantastic [...]

    • Jon Abbott says:

      Slow read but interesting. I kept stopping and starting my reading as new and more gripping tales arrived. Yet it was compelling enough to return and finish. I expect to buy the next in the series. Grammar alert: if you prefer possessive nouns to come with an apostrophe, get someone to read you this tale because you won't see them in the text.

    • Natalie Perez says:

      This story needs heavy editing on its content. While shorter novels are fine, this seems to be stretched to its already small size. The descriptions and prose are lacking. Often simply telling what something is, and there is no further clarification. This is a goblin, and that's that. What does said goblin look like? Is it a traditional one? Is it different? Are we supposed to know or care? The author has a habit of simply dumping nouns/characters and expecting the reader to know without descrip [...]

    • Jess the Romanceaholic says:

      While not my typical fare, this book was a blast. I've always been a sucker for alternative-history style books, and the London that Ms. Hopkins has created is nothing short of fascinating. With a wide cast of characters ranging from the mundane to the extraordinary, and just a hint of romance, this perfectly placed book drew me in and refused to let go.The first-person point of view was an excellent choice, making it easy to slip into this intriguing world of magical aristocracy, commoners with [...]

    • S.E. Anderson says:

      What a fun and fantastic book!Hopkins has really managed to create a universe which feels real and plausible while at the same time capturing that little sense of wonder that made Harry Potter so much fun to read as a kid (and even now). A world in which Magic and Mortals walk side by side, but maybe not always with such enthusiasm. A world in which people born into both belong in none. This is a strong start to what I feel is going to be a fantastic series. A lot of questions are answered but m [...]

    • Marsha says:

      "Dream Stalker" is a creative and clever read but lacking in depth characterizations. The author has developed a unique world filled with goloms, fae, as well as other mystical creatures but failed to give them a real face. While she describes one or two characters we are for the most part left to our own imaginings for the most important ones. At the age of nine, half blood, Emmaline watched her father die and her sisters ship her off to Australia. When she became an adult she came back to Engl [...]

    • Heather Silvio says:

      The story itself was quite engaging; I wanted to know what would happen next almost the entire time. Why not a higher rating? The execution really struggled. It read like an early draft to me, not like a finished, appropriately edited, novel. Creatures were mentioned left and right, most with nary a description, so that many just ran together for me. Some thankfully did get description and personality as the novel progressed, so that was helpful. As I tend to prefer more minimalist writing anywa [...]

    • M.A. Kropp says:

      Emma is a half-blood, the daughter of a Talented and a mortal. She is caught between both worlds, as are most half-bloods in this alternate London. Half-bloods are rejected by the full Talented as not equal to them, and the full mortals don't really trust them because of their magic ability. Emma has managed to find her place in the half-blood world between the inner city of London where the Talented live, and the mortal part of the city. She sells teas that she enchants with simple spells for c [...]

    • E.G. Manetti says:

      Dream Stalker reminded me a bit of Clean Sweep, although Emma is a shopkeeper not an innkeeper. In has that same sense of 'a parallel universe next store' - in this case London not the US Midwest is both familiar and very different. That said, it is the differences that make this book such a fun read. Emma is determined, and practical, with a big-heart that she guards tightly. With only the slightest of magical talent she takes on a serial killer and faces down some truly scary fae.The handsome [...]

    • Jay Sprenkle says:

      I probably would not have chosen to buy this book given the title. It came free in a promotion so I gave it a try.The good:The book features a female protagonist that isn't super powered, the spawn of a demon/angel/dragon, and wasn't born on a hill. She's got more than her share of problems so I could relate to her and feel empathy at her plight. There's an interesting mystery, good characters, and a believable resolution.The bad:In one spot I didn't understand what happened. Events happened and [...]

    • Rebecca says:

      Most of it was pretty good, but an issue bothered me. Melanie talked about having the knife after Carmel died That's why she believed she did it. So how did it get from her to Emma and why didn't Emma wonder when they determined power transfer was by knife that wasn't created by the villain?? The lack of interest or speculation bothered me. Also how did power transfer work? They speculated Emma might have absorbed power by wielding it but then Mel would have Carmel's and many were suicides. Just [...]

    • Pat Raab says:

      Quite intriguing. Not your run of the mill magic users, with divisions between those who consider themselves superior because of their powers, those with lesser powers, and those with none at all. Enter someone killing off half-bloods for no apparent reason. In the end, it's up to Emma to help sort things out, although she knows she is risking her own life to save a new friend. I think there are still interesting times ahead.

    • Amy says:

      Disclaimer - I received this book for free with a Giveaway.If you enjoy urban fantasies, this book would be a good choice for you. As a first in a series, I appreciate that the book ends and you can stop reading the series and feel like you got a complete story. There was no romance or smut. It was a quick and easy read. The world hints that there is more backstory that will be uncovered in future books. If you like magic and tea, maybe give it a read.

    • February Four says:

      A uniquely British type of run-on sentence shows itself prominently in this series. (I'm not sure how to explain why I think it's a uniquely British type of phrasing, but I've noticed it in Londoners.) Even so, I liked the book. I might go on to the next one.

    • Lady Entropy says:


    • Mary Kreisberg says:

      Loved ItThis was the perfect book for me since I just got out of the hospital. Took me to a tough girl who also gets scared. Perfect!!!!!!!

    • Kelly says:

      Great read!!Read straight through! Keep me enthralled from page one! Wasn't like reading at all, was more like being transported to another world!

    • Jojo says:

      InterestingI actually like the different approach this heroine story unfolds. Almost made me feel as though I should be standing there and figuring out the clues as well.

    • Wanda binz says:

      First in a series So there is a lot of setting up good writing and a fun premise. I have the first 4 books so I’ll let you know what I think on the rest

    • Nancy says:

      This was ok. It is in need of a great editor but the story is good.

    • Emily says:

      2016 Modern Mrs Darcy Challenge: A book published in 20162016 Popsugar Challenge: A book published in 2016Emma is a half-Talent, someone with limited magical ability. She works by selling tea, enchanted with various spells to aid in everything from mental retention, to providing energy, and stopping dreams. When a couple of other half-Talents end up dead, ones she knows, she feels helpless because the police aren't helping out much, and full Talents don't care because it's not affecting them. Bu [...]

    • Mary Lou Webb says:

      Good beginning to a new seriesThis was an interesting blend of the modern with the old. Even though there were cars, telephones, and TVs, there was still the feel of the old world to the story. When the modern was mentioned, it always surprised me, but then I'd say oh, yes, and go with the charm of the story. I quite like Emma and her friends and look forward to watching this series grow. Kudos to Ms. Hopkins for a great start.

    • chantal forget says:

      La première moitié du roman est comme une mise en place des éléments. J'ai trouvé ça long et je me suis forcée pour ne pas abandonner ma lecture.L'autre partie est plus excitante. Il y a de l'action, pas vraiment de romance.L'univers d'Emma est coloré dans ce sens, qu'elle côtoie toute sorte de personnages: ocre, gobelin, golem, fée

    • Kyleen Valleaux says:

      I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This is Amy Hopkin’s first book in her “Talented” series. I am a big fan of “real world” or “urban” fantasy. Where the world of the fantastic is mixed in with the world that we actually live in. To make it believable, the writer must do a lot of world building. If something is ‘off’ about the mundane world, it is difficult for the reader to suspend their disbelief.Amy Hopkins does a tremendous job with her world bu [...]

    • Linda says:

      Great storytellingI very much enjoyed this world of magic. Those in power were learning to fear the strength of mortals. Those who lived between the two worlds were left with little protection. When some started dying, few were interested in providing help. One woman does step up and finds out she is much more powerful than she ever believed. This book sets the foundation for the series. It focuses on Emma who is in her early thirties and has been living as a shopkeeper selling enchanted teas. H [...]

    • Theodore Ashford says:

      When I first looked at Dream Stalker, I expected something that was a cross between mystery and fantasy, and I wasn’t disappointed! To be honest, I was expecting Dream Stalker to lean more towards the side of mystery rather than fantasy, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it actually was much more fantastical than that. The book felt to me sort of like what would happen if YA and NA grew up. The protagonist was an adult and more mature than most YA characters, but it still had that fe [...]

    • Ann Shannon says:

      Dream Stalker was not what I expected it to be, it was even better. I am stretching my reading list, getting away from my steady diet of happily ever romance, vanilla and erotic. So far I am loving it. Dream Stalker was my second foray into a fantasy/magical genre and it had me from chapter one. Amy Hopkins set her story in London, a magical London unlike the one we know today. The world is split between those with magical talent and those without, both disliking and distrusting the other, and t [...]

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