Rebound Ryan is heartbroken his relationship with his girlfriend is not what it had seemed He decides to swear off relationships and women all together to focus on college and playing football Life of course

  • Title: Rebound
  • Author: Nicole Dykes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    Ryan is heartbroken, his relationship with his girlfriend is not what it had seemed He decides to swear off relationships and women all together to focus on college and playing football Life of course has other plans for him Can he let go of the pain and love again This is Ryan s story from the Soulmates Series It starts with his relationship with Maddy and follows himRyan is heartbroken, his relationship with his girlfriend is not what it had seemed He decides to swear off relationships and women all together to focus on college and playing football Life of course has other plans for him Can he let go of the pain and love again This is Ryan s story from the Soulmates Series It starts with his relationship with Maddy and follows him to college, the life of a college athlete It will show his struggle to move on from Maddy This is a part of a series, but can be read as a standalone New adult romance recommended for people 18 or older for mature content.

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    • Sarah says:

      (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to author Nicole Dykes.)“An athletic scholarship. You had to play a game to get here and you continue to play a game to stay here.”This was a new-adult story about what happened to Ryan after his break-up with Maddy in book 1.“I thought we were dating again.”“What? You did? We never talked about that.”Ryan seemed quite a loyal sort of person, and it was nice that he was going to college for an [...]

    • Elizabeth says:

      Rebound is the third book in the Soulmates series. The series is based on a group of friends and their journey from high school to young adulthood. The first book was focused on Maddy and her journey (in her POV). The second book was focused on Jake (and his POV). Book 1 and 2 were very similar in style. Jake and Maddy shared a heartbreaking but beautiful love story. However, when Maddy and Jake got together there was one boy that was left out in the cold. This installment is based on the experi [...]

    • Aliana Milano says:

      WOW.That was a pleasant surprise! The last person I thought this book would be about, was Ryan. But I'm so glad it was! His story was PERFECT!I loved his sweet, sensitive, guarded self. I love me a good ol' asshole, don't get me wrong. But after Jake, Ryan was a nice surprise. One I thoroughly enjoyed!My heart hurt for him so hard cause of what Maddy did. My hear hurt for Lindsay with what she went through with her sister! I love how smart and strong and cautious she was! She didn't just fall in [...]

    • Susan says:

      Finally!! We get to hear Ryan's story! My heart broke for him as he was in love with Maddy and she did him wrong. I was worried he wouldn't get over her and experience love again.I loved meeting Lindsay and thought she was perfect for Ryan. I was Hoping she wouldnt break his heart.I love this series and Nicole does a great job of pulling you in and never letting go! I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the Soulmates series!!

    • Caroline says:

      I was given this book for an honest review.This was a 4.5 for me I really enjoyed this book. ryan went with maddy from the first book but after he left for college and had to finish with maddy he couldn't love anyone else or just move on. ryan went to a college party and banged into Lindsay literally and after a drunken night he can't remember she ends up hating him after seeing him again at a study class then he agrees to go on a double date with his friend to find that the other girl was in fa [...]

    • Katie says:

      I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest reviewThis book focuses on Ryan, a character we meet in Soulmates. It was part companion novel, part spin-off novel.The first half of the story is a retelling of what happened in Soulmates that Ryan was apart of, from his POV. You learn a bit more about the relationship between him and Maddy which I liked. You got to see how that relationship effected him. The second half of the story is what happened after his relationship with Maddy.I [...]

    • Jan says:

      Sweet high scool drama, YA readArc gifted for honest review.I loved soul mates and the ups and downs of adolescent life Ryans story continues with this theme.Following on from soulmates this is Ryans side to how he fell fast and hard for Maddy and how his heart was blown to smithereens as he realised her feelings werent mutual and her heart belonged to someone else.You don't get to see Ryans true feelings in the previous book and its heartwarming to read how such a great caring guy got broken. L [...]

    • Jesse Joren says:

      Good guys finish last, but good things are worth the waitWhat a terrific third installment in this Nicole Dykes trilogy, which began with SOULMATES and continued with FATE. Ryan was such an intriguing character that he deserved his own book, and Ms. Dykes has definitely delivered! My review discusses some details. Many other reviews have mentioned some of this, but just in case, slight spoiler alert.I actually thought the re-telling of Maddy and Ryan's aborted relationship was perfectly done, an [...]

    • Carrie says:

      Having been raised by his mother and grandmother, Ryan is a good guy and treats women with respect. His girlfriend Maddy has asked to wait for sex and he has no problem with that. When Ryan gets accepted on a full scholarship to Auburn and will be leaving the state he thinks that the best thing to do would be break up so the two don't hurt each other. However when on break and visiting home Ryan meets up with Maddy and thinks the two have gotten back together. When Maddy breaks his heart he vows [...]

    • Grace Morales says:

      **ARC provided by publisher for honest review***Ryan’s StoryOk so from my book 1 review you know I LOVED Ryan going in. I was a little disappointed that the first say 20-30% of the book was a retelling of what happened in Book1, only because I am not a fan of the retelling of the same book from a different POV. However, once it got rolling I got into the story. I loved how his character stayed true to who he was originally. He was sweet and loyal to his family and his friends. He was the anti- [...]

    • Stephanie says:

      ARC Review: I loved this just as much as the first two. I loved reading Ryan's story. He's such a sweet and perfect guy and I'm glad he found love again after Maddy. You could really see and feel how badly Maddy hurt him. I didn't get this sense in the first 2 books but that is just because they were about Maddy and Jake. And obviously I love them too. But after reading this I like Ryan more than Jake. Since Ryan was raised by his Mother and Grandmother he was taught how to properly treat women. [...]

    • Amanda says:

      i received an ARC for an honest review: i actually liked book 1 and 2 better, i am not huge on the drama and i kind of thought that it would continue from when Ryan was in college, i always liked Ryan's character though from the other books, hes so patient and kind so at first i hated seeing him hurt but then he found his own love which i really liked. It was still pretty good and thank you so much Nicole for this copy!! I actually read it in a couple of hours.I cant wait to read book 4 about An [...]

    • Aly says:

      I really enjoyed this book as good as the rest of the series. This book is the best by far for me. When Ryan gets to college all he thinks about is Maddy and one night he goes out to a party where he gets drunk. Then he meets Lindsay who is in his Econ class. She hates him right away and he doesn't understand why. This is another great book by Nicole. If you like this series be sure to read this book as well. * I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

    • Elizabeth Bennet says:

      I was given this book for my honest review. This is the second book in the series I've read from ND and it too is written in the first person. I have read other books written in this format but have to say I like it when an author devotes each chapter to the other characters POV. Even still I could not find much fault with this one. I actually intended to start Fate to catch Jake's POV but somehow opened this one by mistake on my Kindle. The first 30% fills you in on what took place between Ryan [...]

    • Ab Fab Book Blog says:

      This is the third book in the Soulmates series, and to date my favourite. This book is based on Ryan, who we met in book 1. The book starts off when Ryan meets Maddison at a party, so the first part of the book will be familiar. Ryan is an all round good guy, who falls in love during his last year at high school. He is faced with a difficult decision between college and Maddison. Ryan makes the right choice in my eyes and chooses his education and fulfilling dream he has had to attend college in [...]

    • Cora Graham says:

      Oh, Ryan. Sweet sweet Ryan. This book just goes to show that not all lead male romantic interests have to be complete dominating pricks. The hero in this book is the complete opposite and the story was so much better for it. And the heroine is light and fun and perfect for him. This was a relaxing, enjoyable read that didn't leave me in knots during or after reading it due to high strung characters or crazy suspenseful drama. I do read such books and enjoy some of them, but it was definitely nic [...]

    • J. Kahele says:

      Ryan!We always forget about the secondary characters that play a big part in a series. I was elated to read this book. I was also sad for Ryan, the innocent nice guy, who basically got screwed over for loving Maddy, because she had always loved Jake.When someone breaks you. You have an insecurity, a fright that scares you away from trying to fall in love again.Ryan was afraid, even though Lindsay is pretty, smart and fun to be around, he still thinks of Maddy. As he spends more time with Lindsay [...]

    • S. Rivera says:

      I just finished Rebound. I have to admit, I didn't really like Ryan in Soulmates and Fate. I didn't dislike him, I just didn't pay much attention to him. I think that may have carried over just a bit when I first started this one, but that feeling soon faded and I started to really feel for him. He's a really nice guy with his head on straight, except when it comes to love, and I felt bad for him. I was pulling for him. Who wouldn't love a man with with his heart and sense of integrity? This is [...]

    • Tammy says:

      This book is Ryan's POV told from the point of meeting Madison into his college days playing football at Alabama. The first portion of the book is retelling of his relationship with Madison and his feelings as he leaves for college. He has to let go of the pain and learn to love again. Loved how strong his mom and grandma were and being raised by strong women makes for a great guy. Loved Lindsey another strong girl who knows what she does and doesn't want.

    • Crystal Schroth says:

      ARC for honest review. I thought this was well written & I enjoyed the book very much. This is Ryan's story from The Soulmate series. He is heartbroken from Maddy Wright and has decided no more relationships for him. He meets Lindsey and they start a friendship. So can their friendship turn into more and be real?

    • B.B. James says:

      Really enjoyed this book as a -stand alone read. Although it is also part of a series. The characters are interesting, and it has a good storyline. Definitely YA and anyone with young adults at home will love it also . Ryan is great ; very level character and my favourite in the story.

    • Tammy says:

      Ryan is trying to move on after Maddie broke his heart and decided relationships weren’t for him. He meets Lindsey, will she be able to break down those walls he has been working so hard building up? The story is really good and I really enjoyed learning more about the characters. Enjoy!

    • Mercedes says:

      Received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review

    • Margie 'CSR' Fite says:

      Nicole Dykes has done a great job with this seriesl I was really excited to read this book - I loved Ryan, in the first book. When he met Maddy it was durng a rough time and he was such a great guy. Very sweet, patient and seemed to really like Maddy for her and want to get to know her regardless of the turmoil she was going through He even stuuck up for her when Andy and Jake were being jerks about her sex life. Maddy was not willing to offer up herself to JUST ANY GUY (her "V card" it meant so [...]

    • Stormy says:

      3.5 Stars!Wow. This Ryan is a really stand up guy. Too bad he's fictional. I loved Ryan. He's sensitive and really mature for his age. I was waiting for him to mess up. To say or do something that would make him the typical teenage boy but that's not him. He thinks before he makes a decision and doesn't jump head first into situations. He really thinks about his actions and doesn't use his little head as his leader. He respects women having grown up with only his mother and grandmother raising h [...]

    • Bloggers From Down Under says:

      ** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **Rebound is the third instalment in the Soulmate series.Your heartbroken.Devastated. Your first love has crushed you. You thought she was the one. But it turns out she wasn’t.This is Ryans story.We first met Ryan in the first instalment Soulmates.He connected with Madison. He liked her. So he did what anyone would. Asked her on a date. They hit it off, dating for a while. Never pressuring Madison into anything. He was patient, gentle an [...]

    • FMR Book Grind says:

      TRACY'S REVIEW4 STARSSo in this one we get to read Ryan's story. We first met Ryan in Soul Mates, he was the great guy Maddy dated in high school.I enjoyed this one for many reasons. I think the main reason was because he never pressured Maddy into more, and genuinely fell in love with her. He had to decide between Maddy and college, and unfortunately he chose wrong.I had so hoped Ryan was going to be the one and he was going to get his happily ever after. And the author delivered!Read these in [...]

    • Melissa says:

      I was sent this book by the author in return for an honest review.I fell in love with Ryan in the first two books and was sad to see his limited appearance in them both. Therefore, I was quite glad when the author chose to write a book from his POV, and subsequently sent me a copy to review :)The book did not disappoint. I enjoyed the consistent maturity in the book, rather than the back and forth between maturity, and childishness that the other books had (which was appropriate given their ages [...]

    • Julie says:

      3.5 starsEven though I'm a huge Alabama football fan, I still really liked this story. :) I actually didn't realize that I read another book in this series until I got into it a ways. Something about it felt familiar, but I purchased it a long time ago, and the cover doesn't show it is book 3 in a series. You don't need to have read book 2, but it does kind of help you understand Ryan's first girlfriend. Without reading book 2, you just think the girl is a horrible person.I loved Ryan and Lindse [...]

    • Amber says:

      ARC kindly provided by Nicole for a honest review. I had to savor this book and take my time reading it because I just love Ryan. His book is the best by far to me. I was so heartbroken for him after reading his pov about his relationship with Maddy. Now that I have read from his side she really wasn't the girl for him. When he gets to college all he can think about is Maddy and one night he goes out with a couple of his teammates to a party where he gets drunk which is funny because he really d [...]

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