To Love a Lady

To Love a Lady An English lady runs away to Texas in pursuit of a groom Lady Cecily Thorndale has lived her whole life preparing for her future role as wife to the Earl of Devonshire But when the future Earl Charl

  • Title: To Love a Lady
  • Author: Cynthia Sterling Cindi Myers
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    An English lady runs away to Texas, in pursuit of a groom.Lady Cecily Thorndale has lived her whole life preparing for her future role as wife to the Earl of Devonshire But when the future Earl, Charles Worthington, goes to Texas to oversee land the family has purchased and stays there Cecily decides the only thing to do is to track him down Arriving in Texas with heAn English lady runs away to Texas, in pursuit of a groom.Lady Cecily Thorndale has lived her whole life preparing for her future role as wife to the Earl of Devonshire But when the future Earl, Charles Worthington, goes to Texas to oversee land the family has purchased and stays there Cecily decides the only thing to do is to track him down Arriving in Texas with her lady s maid and all the determination she can muster, Cecily sets out to conquer both the new world and her reluctant fianc She captivates her new neighbors and shows Charles that the one thing that s been missing from his adventurous life is her Originally published in 2000 under the title Nobility Ranch, To Love a Lady is the first volume in the Titled Texans series about a family of English nobility who set out to tame the American west With humor, romance and authentic historical detail, To Love a Lady takes readers on a romantic journey to 1880s Texas.

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    • Alyssa says:

      Oh, what a fun little story. I went into it expecting some frivolous romance novel. You know - trite, overly written, and very much a bodice ripper. I was so glad to have that image destroyed. This was not that book. It was not a trite romance novel. It was actually a great piece of female empowerment.I think it's because the main character - Cecily - goes from being a frivolous British noble to a rather strong, independent woman. All while trying to make her fiance fall in love with her (I know [...]

    • Alisa says:

      This was a fun read Cecily Thorndale is 24 years old and is running away Running away from her parents and her useless life of waiting around for her fiance to come home to England and marry her. She is running away to Texas to show her fiance, Charles, how much he really does need her.Cecily is not the demure English lady that Charles left behind, and Charles is having a hard time resisting her. But if he accepts her, he accepts all the plans his father (the Earl) had made for him, and it would [...]

    • Latasha Oliver says:

      Ok.I love historical romance books. However I got bored with this book at about 56%. Sometimes I wanted to smack Cecily she seemed a little to willing at times like girl!! Overall I just think this book wasn't for me. To anybody else try you might like it.

    • Karen Griffin says:

      Typical historical romanceGood read. Finished it quickly. Typical in that t h e man loves a woman and takes the whole book to realize it. Will be reading his brother's story next. Looks good too. Two strong female leads which always appeals to me. Simpering women are annoying so looking forward to reading the next book with the woman who runs her own ranch.

    • Lynn Poppe says:

      There you are, trying to decide which historical romance genre to read next. Do you pick English nobility? Do you pick Western? Or do you try one of those you got your English nobility in my Western mash-ups? Well, if that’s the case, To Love a Lady might not be the way to go. Yes, it is a genre mash up. But not a good one.To Love a Lady is about Lady Cecily Thorndale and Charles Worthington, Lord Silsby. Cecily is an old maid of 24, who’s been engaged to Charles for four years. Cecily runs [...]

    • Laurie says:

      My Rating 4.25 STARSI quite enjoyed this romantic adventure set in the Texas Panhandle of 1882. When Cecily Thorndale’s reluctant fiancé shows no inclination of returning to England, she follows him to Texas. Cecily steps off the train in Fairweather, Texas, and is unceremoniously hauled off to jail by the stiff-necked sheriff, along with her maid and three soiled doves whom she had innocently befriended during the long train ride. I was caught up in the story immediately, never expecting tha [...]

    • Gail says:

      The hero is the heir to his father the earl, but he got so tired of being ordered around, he ran away to Texas and has refused to return. The heroine is the fiancée he obtained before running off-- their parents' choice --but she's loved him since she was little. So she's followed him to the Texas Panhandle and is determined to stay until she wins him over. She discovers she likes the person she is in Texas and she likes Texas. She likes the hero's changes too. The hero is attracted to her, but [...]

    • Nathalie DeFelice says:

      It was a cute little love story, although I found it lacking in substance. There is no real villain in the story, merely a pesky sheriff that likes to make trouble for everyone around. The story is all about Cecily going to Fairweather, TX in order to marry Charles, her fiancee that's been away for four years (or a long timeI honestly don't remember it was that unimportant). She gets thrown in jail on her arrival for talking to some prostitutes that later become her mentors in order to capture C [...]

    • Pearl says:

      In this book the British nobility comes to the States. Or more likely a prim and proper lady crosses continents to marry her fiance, who doesn't wish to be tied down. The man is reveling in his freedom in Texas, away from his family, demands of his father and his duties. He feels that Cecily (his fiance) is another one of his father's tricks to force him back in England, one he isn't going to fall for. But we all know he is going to fall in love. And when duty calls, like all honourable men, he [...]

    • Patricia says:

      LOVELY LADY LOST IN TEXASActually, she was never lost, except emotionally. She generally knew pretty much where she was all the time.The only problem I had with this book is that sometimes, it simply crawled along, and some of the stuff that could have been involved and exciting (catching the cow thief) was basically ignored.But the love story -that was nicely done. And the characters, who not only gained dimension as the book progressed, also developed into stronger people, until by the end, th [...]

    • Gail says:

      Another romance story between the high class. A young lady is engaged to a man- he runs off to Texas to start a ranching business. She gets tired of waiting and so decides to surprise him in Texas. He learns how to act like he loves her instead of acting like he was raised. They work things out. Cute story-

    • Jamie says:

      I could have ended this book so much better than that! It could have continued on in the next book so wonderfully! Two brothers fighting over one woman, one across the Atlantic that would have been so much more enjoyable! After all the back and forth the ending was just to abrupt for me. I enjoyed it until the end though.

    • Adriana says:

      This is one of those books you read when you're in a slump and all you want to do is read some fun fluff. It's not the best writing or a genre-breaking plot line, but the story of an English lady who makes her way to Texas to catch her English Lord and ends up finding herself along the way is a fun read that's full of old-school romance and some great characters.

    • HeyT says:

      I suppose I had a good enough time reading this but like most of the reviewers have said the ending was a bit abrupt. Cecily and Charles were likeable enough but they felt a little flat. Most of the characters were a bit flat to be honest. It kind of felt like I was reading fanfic set in historical Texas rather than an actual researched novel.

    • sherry beth says:

      A Fun NovelA well written story, very believable, while exploring some twists of plot that push the boundaries. A fine English woman befriends three whores, and teaches the two younger ones to read. She has left her cultured home in England, and traveled with just her maid to a frontier town in Texas. Yet, it works, and is a captivating novel.

    • Valory Kennedy says:

      A pretty good storyI enjoyed the book but was a bit disappointed in the abrupt ending. There was a plan and then a wrench thrown in and a brother introduced and it was done. Has some steamy parts. But over all I liked the book with the mixture of royalty found in the roughness of Texas.

    • Paige says:

      How could I respect or relate to Cecily when she chases a reluctant fiancé from England to Texas. Charles is a jerk to her several times and she just forgives it. I kept hoping some rough and handsome cowboy would swoop in and she'd leave Charles to rot.

    • Diane Horne says:

      To Love A Lady: Titled Texans -- Book One by Cynthia SterlingFive star rating cause it was very well developed storyline. Really a good book. Planning on reading her sequels to this book.

    • Kathy says:

      Cecily Thorndrake has been engaged for four years and once again her fiance is postponing the wedding. Cecily decides it is time to go to Texas to join him in his life there. This is a delightful story of two people learning what they can be away from the roles they grew up in.

    • linda bilger says:

      Good storyI enjoyed this story very much. American west at its best. English lords and lady in the western us. Cattle ranching when Texas was free and wild but just coming out as a state.

    • Vicki says:

      Excellent This book had great characters and really kept me interested. The fiancé coming to Texas to help her betrothed with his ranch seemed like a good idea at the time, but he wasn't so sure. Good story.

    • Megan says:

      A little far fetched beginning. Not much growth of character; maybe a little bit in the female lead but not the male as his is already set in his ways. Not an impressive chemistry. The end wrapped up in a nice little bow a little too quickly. Although the next in the series sounds interesting.

    • Tica says:

      Sudden endingLoved the writing. The ending was left little to be desired. She wrapped up rather quickly and before you know it. The End! Felt like I wasted my time reading the book.

    • Bev says:

      there is a lot to this Story. it is not just a cut and dry love story! English nobleman living in. Texas and Thriving makes an interesting story line!! but. there is so much more to this book-- it is well worth the read!! loved it. I just Bought the other 2 books!!

    • Kem says:

      A mixed bag, this book has some good parts, bad parts, and unbelievable parts. Didn't like the ending and the characters were not clearly defined.

    • Liz says:

      Overall, the writing was good. The storyline and plot just wasn't for me.

    • Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~* says:

      Kindle Feebie

    • J.d. Grove says:

      Cute, fun romance. Relaxing read

    • Keita M. Ward says:

      A simple read. Not a very interesting story, but I was able to finish it. Perhaps it's written for a younger audience. It lacked depth and substance.

    • Sarah Stanfill says:

      Decent. Not necessarily good enough to continue on with the series but author shows promise.

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