A Fractured Mind: My Life with Multiple Personality Disorder

A Fractured Mind My Life with Multiple Personality Disorder In Robert B Oxnam the successful China scholar and president of the Asia Society faced up to what he thought was his biggest personal challenge alcoholism But this dependency masked a problem

  • Title: A Fractured Mind: My Life with Multiple Personality Disorder
  • Author: Robert B. Oxnam
  • ISBN: 9781401302276
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Hardcover
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      452 Robert B. Oxnam
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    In 1989, Robert B Oxnam, the successful China scholar and president of the Asia Society, faced up to what he thought was his biggest personal challenge alcoholism But this dependency masked a problem far serious Multiple Personality Disorder.At the peak of his professional career, after having led the Asia Society for nearly a decade, Oxnam was haunted by periodicIn 1989, Robert B Oxnam, the successful China scholar and president of the Asia Society, faced up to what he thought was his biggest personal challenge alcoholism But this dependency masked a problem far serious Multiple Personality Disorder.At the peak of his professional career, after having led the Asia Society for nearly a decade, Oxnam was haunted by periodic blackouts and episodic rages After his family and friends intervened, Oxnam received help from a psychiatrist, Dr Jeffrey Smith, and entered a rehab center It wasn t until 1990 during a session with Dr Smith that the first of Oxnam s eleven alternate personalities an angry young boy named Tommy suddenly emerged With Dr Smith s help, Oxnam began the exhausting and fascinating process of uncovering his many personalities and the childhood trauma that caused his condition This is the powerful and moving story of one person s struggle with this terrifying illness The book includes an epilogue by Dr Smith in which he describes Robert s case, the treatment, and the nature of multiple personality disorder Robert s courage in facing his situation and overcoming his painful past makes for a dramatic and inspiring book.

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    • Jessica says:

      My review: Books on multiple personality disorder are not, as a rule, very well written and A Fractured Mind is no exception to this. It is unfortunate, however, that where those other books made up for literary lapses by being incredibly emotional, open, and intriguing, A Fractured Mind falls more than short.Robert Oxnam's story is, indeed, a sad one. I do not wish to blame the victim - it is clear Mr. Oxnam has gone through quite a bit in his life that nobody should have to deal with. Unfortu [...]

    • Elyse says:

      I read most of this book yesterday while soaking in my warm-water pool(or/and lying in the sun).Being relaxed allowed for mental and physical harmony --all of which was necessary --for taking in the depths of this story.This is a valuable book worth reading. 'This' author happens to be a highly educated man --(Yale University in Asian studies). Not all people with multiple personality disorder (MPD),are as highly functional in the world --(academic world, business, financial, travel, etc.) as Ro [...]

    • Maria says:

      20151015 ◊ Take an astonishing mental disorder. Add one entitled, unsympathetic protagonist. Mix in a generous amount of unsatisfactory storytelling. Sprinkle in a healthy dose of humblebragging. Drop a name in. Drop some more names in. Tell everyone that you don't mean to drop names while you dump a few more right in. Limply swish everything back and forth for awhile. Pour everything into a negligently edited plot. Garnish with a wildly corny, overblown voice actor, and what do you get? A bad [...]

    • Hannah Greendale says:

      A fascinating look at the life of a man diagnosed with multiple personality disorder (aka dissociative identity disorder). The reader is introduced to the man's eleven personalities and made privy to the years he spent working with a psychiatrist to unearth and then integrate his various personalities.

    • Robert Vaughan says:

      I had to read this book in chunks, sometimes excessive, and sometimes small. There is a ton to process here, and the MPD issues are very tough to handle at times. And yet, I am grateful for this author's bravery, especially with his professional relationships, and how well- established he is in is private life. I am also grateful personally for all of the therapy I've done in my own life, and what I've learned as a result. I don't think this is a book for everyone, but I am happy that a very clo [...]

    • Paula says:

      I couldn't enjoy this book. Its a boring story told by mostly unsympathetic characters. When a person is this ill its hard to NOT be sympathetic, but somehow he manages. I'm not surprised he had 11 individual personalities- because that's how many people it should take to carry around the weight of his extraordinary ego.

    • Desinta Laras says:

      Actually I was mind-blowed at beginning for I never experience the same things as Mr. Oxnam had. This book is one of my favorite non-fiction books. You know what its best part is? It tells us even a person who suffers from a multiple personality disorder (today Oxnam lives with three personalities inside him) could be as succeed and as/more inspirational than us, normal people.So :) dear readers. Here's the plot.Robert Oxnam was a high-profile, successful man: A renowned scholar and president of [...]

    • Meg Tuite says:

      Mesmerizing! The beginning is a bit slow, but the memoir is of a man who is outwardly very successful and not until he is in his '50s finds out that he is a multiple personality. Thus, the slow beginning before he realizes the black-outs are not just from alcohol. He gets into therapy and the 11 different personalities make themselves known. It is riveting and heartbreaking and told on a linear path so the reader moves through it with the author and his therapist! I am blown away by how the mind [...]

    • Jess says:

      This was a really great autobiography. It was interesting to read from his various alters point-of-view. It gave so much info about the disorder. Had to read it for a classbut would suggest it to anyone interested in MPD (DID).

    • Shannon Dishon says:

      I felt like I was reading a work of fiction the whole time. I don’t like the author. He talked more about his great accomplishments than any emotional connections to the multiple personalities. I agree with another reviewer that I don’t believe he was correctly diagnosed. He could have taken different shades of personality that we all have and pretended they were more than that, a sort of blame game.

    • Dixie Eggers says:

      Very in! Loved it! Put MPD into layman's terms that are easily understood. I loved the book. Well written. It explODE in layman's terms that was easily understood. Very nice work. Impressed with his strength and courage.

    • Nightkid says:

        本書描述作者與多重人格障礙對抗多年的經歷及感受,或者是我對這類課題懷有強烈興趣,閱讀過程異常迅速。  某日,成就非凡的作者,心靈突然崩潰,須接受心理諮商時卻發現自己的心靈城堡裡,原來同時存在十一個我,他們的價值觀、感受又截然不同,箇中的震驚恐怕非筆墨所能形容,而治療的道路非常艱辛,若果缺乏朋友及家人的支持,相信作者也無力支撐下 [...]

    • Nina says:

      Interesting for a psychologist to read, and for all trauma victims how dissociate.

    • Denise Connolly Connolly says:

      This is in my top 10 favorite books of all time, absolutely fantastic and enlightening. I found this real life story of Robert's life fascinating, poignant and mind blowing (pun intended!). How he even approached this subject is amazing, to write it in such a way that even someone without MPD/DID could understand it and told by the various personalities themselves and in conjunction and agreement with each other. How he found out he had MPD and then with the help of his psychiatrist to work thou [...]

    • Elketw says:

      Category: Books Genre: Biographies & Memoirs Author: Robert B Oxnam Kisah nyata seorang profesor yang memiliki 11 kepribadian.Tommy, seorang anak laki-laki penakut dan pemarah, yang percaya bahwa ia tinggal di istana; Bobby, seorang rollerblader yang kelakarnya selalu menarik perhatian orang; Wanda, perempuan separo baya yang ketenangan dan kebijaksanaannya mendorong orang untuk berfokus .Tommy, Bobby, dan Wanda hanyalah tiga dari sebelas kepribadian Robert Oxnam, seorang sarjana terkenal. B [...]

    • Amanda Laucks says:

      A Fractured Mind Book ReviewBy Amanda LaucksA Fractured Mind is an auto-biography about Robert Oxnam who tells his story about his MPD disorder. MPD stands for Multiple Personality Disorder which is when your mind is split into different personalities, typically caused by a traumatic experience. He goes in depth about what it was like living a personal and professional life dealing with this disease. The story starts off with him telling about how he was depressed and was an alcoholic. He goes t [...]

    • Leanne says:

      In “A Fractured Mind”, Robert B. Oxnam chronicles his real-life experience with Multiple Personality Disorder. In stark contrast to many MPD sufferers, Oxnam has a very successful professional life, especially as an Asia specialist and speaker. Throughout his adult years Oxnam suffers greatly from blackouts and alcoholism causing him to seek professional help from Dr. Jeffrey Smith, a well-known psychiatrist. It’s during treatment that the discovery is made that Oxnam’s alcoholism and bl [...]

    • Christine says:

      Wow, this book is an affirmation that no matter what personal or medical problems you may have in your life, your state of being is so much better than if you have a notable mental illness. Seriously this guy is fruit loops. I respect that he embraces his mental illness and can live with it. But wow, it is something!He tells his story through the persona's of his different personalities. One is even a witch. He is essentially many different people, where as most of us just recognize the many rol [...]

    • Brian says:

      A friend of mine who is a nurse recommended this to me. At first I wasn't too sure, but at a bookstore, I found it and thumbed through it which did peaked my interest. So, I bought it. After a few months on my bookshelf, I decided to give it a try.Robert Oxman is a successful person who is an expert on Asia. What made him seek a psychiatrist was his problem with alcohol, (he's also bulimic). During one session Tommy made an appearance.This memoir is about how Robert went from 11 distinguished pe [...]

    • Kainé Jaye says:

      Multiple Personality Disorder is just one of those things I happened to come across over the internet, and took a sudden interest in, due to my studies on mental health. So after visiting the library at my college campus, I found the book that would take me inside the mind of someone who has MPD. A Fractured Mind is a fascinating read for those interested in the topic. Perhaps the closest insight we will ever truly have unless we of course have the illness ourselves. Robert B. Oxnam is an inspir [...]

    • Anna says:

      This is by no means the best book ever written by an author who has/does suffer from a mental illness, but it's still worth reading in my opinion.It may have been easier for me to read than others, as I was fortunate enough to meet the author years ago at a lecture put together by a professor I TA'd for in college, and his writing style made more sense having met him and having heard his story first hand.I consider this book to be a very interesting look at the life of someone with DID, and if y [...]

    • Dyah Woro Dwi Lestari says:

      walaupun buat saya, gangguan kepribadian disosiasi merupakan topik yang "misterius" tetapi membaca kisah pak oxnam ini membuat saya bersimpati terhadapnya. Kehidupannya yang tidak "utuh" karena diselingi oleh fase lupa, yaitu ketika kepribadian alternya muncul membuatnya menjadi individu yang unik. Walaupun akhirnya beberapa dari mereka bisa melebur, menyatu menjadi satu, tetapi ada yang tetap berdiri menjadi kepribadian sendiri. Saya terbawa kisahnya dan merasa "creepy" ketika membaca alter yan [...]

    • Jason D'Souza says:

      Traveled from California to the northeast coast of the Atlantic in New Brunswick studying for my masters degree, I was eating Chipotle while listening to the audio-book on the auto-biograhy Robert Oxnam, President Emeritus of the Asia Society who worked successfully with President Bush, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates despite being diagnosed with Disassociate Identity Disorder (aka MPD) and had 11 alternative personalities that included a witch, dark castles, repressed dark memories and sexual abus [...]

    • Gypsy says:

      It's amazing what a human mind is capable of to protect itself to survive through severe trauma, and to cope with live's pressures. I find this book an interesting introduction to the world of someone living with MPD. Even though there are other books out there written by MPD patients, i was originaly fascinated by all the accomplishments of Oxnam the 'Asian Expert'. It's about the private battles of someone who enjoyed public successes. The end of the book includes notes by the psychiatrist so [...]

    • BrieAnna says:

      This book really opened me up to the life of someone who is dealing with MPD, now commonly known as Dissociative Identity Disorder. I really didn't know a lot about the disorder before this book, and it was very eye-opening, as I think it would be for anyone who read this. After reading a few pages of the book, sometimes I would literally say, "Wow." I didn't even realize that the human mind could be so powerful as to completely turn into another person without being able to remember it. It is t [...]

    • Rhonda says:

      This is a very interesting look into Multiple Personality Disorders. Robert Oxnam, the author, has had many sucessful dealings with the Asain Society and President Bush(Sr).The author found out in therapy that he had eleven different personalities but he was able to get them under control and down to a managable three personalities who work well with one another after several years of hard work. For anyone that does not understand MPD this is a book for them to read. It sheds some insight into t [...]

    • Jennifer says:

      This is an amazing story. This is such a difficult disorder with which to live(dissociative identity disorder, formerly known as multiple personality disorder).I can not imagine going through this. Robert Oxnard narrates his struggle to discover what is happening to him and his subsequent therapy. He delves into conversations with his alters(alternative personalities) as he learns secrets about his past and finds ways to integrate every personality into his own self.

    • Colleen Anderson says:

      I recommend it. It's a firsthand account of what it's like to discover and attempt to integrate multiple personalities (with a good psychiatrist's help). I have found it fascinating, and appreciate the author's suggestion that "multiple personality" may be the extreme along a spectrum, and that many or all so-called "normal" humans contend with competing "personalities," depending upon their surroundings and companions.

    • Heather says:

      I am honesty shocked that Oxnam did not break his arm from patting himself on the back so much. The name-dropping and arrogant ego inflation is likely part of his pathology, but it is borderline unbearable. When he does, however, actually get into the MPD, there seems to be an amazing and compelling story about a child who used extraordinary creativity to survive severe abuse. But this book is far from compelling and left me feeling incredibly detached, if not contemptuous, towards the author.

    • Hillary Westover says:

      Across the lake, the Castle rested quietly on the hill, a reminder of a past that no longer enchained us. Somewhere above our heads, the great Mountain reached a summit, a long climb that no longer obsessed us. We were no longer eleven, but neither were we one. We were three and we were learning to like who we were, separately and together.Oxnam, Robert B. (2013-02-05). A Fractured Mind: My Life with Multiple Personality Disorder (p. 257). Hachette Books. Kindle Edition.

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