Twilight's End

Twilight s End In Twilight s End inhabitants of the planet Rimillia are forced to live within a thin band of surface because their planet doesn t revolve on an axis It s up to Kirk Scotty and the crew of the U S

  • Title: Twilight's End
  • Author: Jerry Oltion
  • ISBN: 9780671538736
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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      448 Jerry Oltion
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    In Twilight s End, inhabitants of the planet Rimillia are forced to live within a thin band of surface because their planet doesn t revolve on an axis It s up to Kirk, Scotty, and the crew of the U.S.S Enterprise to make sure a risky rotation project doesn t spin out of control.

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    • Ashly Lynn says:

      5/5 StarsIn this Star Trek book, the crew finds themselves at the planet Rimillia. The people who occupy this planet are forced to live on a small, thin portion of the planet – the only part that is habitable. Since the planet doesn’t revolve on it’s axis (spin), there are only two other extreme temperatures: deadly hot and deadly cold. Kirk and the crew quickly learn that their help is wanted by some, but repelled by most. Once Kirk is taken captive by a rebel alliance, will Scotty be abl [...]

    • Bryan says:

      I enjoyed this book. Reading other reviews, it seems like most people found it to be a weaker addition to the Star Trek novel collection.But perhaps I'm not the usual Star Trek reader. I fondly remember the original series, but I'm certainly not a Trek fan to any significant degree. I do, however, enjoy the characters, and I do read the Star Trek books by authors whose original SF writings I enjoy.And I really enjoy Jerry Oltion. He's a great (and sadly underappreciated) SF author! He takes biza [...]

    • Stephen says:

      Somewhere in space lies a planet that's not spinning, and that just shouldn't be so. Tidally locked, it poses a great inconvenience to the colonists who occupy the permanent perimeter between frozen wastelands and scorched deserts. Their swelling population of 2 billion has destroyed what fragile biosphere there was, and rather than deciding to stop with the whole being-fruitful-and-multiplying business, they have decided instead to litter the planet with great big engines and then turn them on. [...]

    • Conan Tigard says:

      Twilight's End takes place on a world where the planet does not spin. This means that most of the planet is inhabitable: either being in fulltime darkness and quite frozen, or in the sun all the time and burring hot. The inhabitants of the Rimillia live in the small band of twilight between the two extreme regions. The issue is that they would like to expand further around the planet, but cannot because of the extreme temperatures on the light and dark sides. So, they have come up with an ingeni [...]

    • David King says:

      “Twilight's End” by Jerry Oltion is a Star Trek Original Series adventure in which the Enterprise comes to the aid of a tidally locked world whose inhabitants occupy a single thin strip of land. The ever increasing population has destroyed what fragile biosphere there was, and is now attempting to save their home by implementing an audacious plan to start the planet spinning by using a vast array of impulse engines spread across the planet. I have to admit that I found the plot to be rather [...]

    • Kreg says:

      The main idea of this book I had to roll my eyes at. Nice thought, but there are just too many things wrong with it. Using 30,000 impulse engines to rotate an inhabited planet tidally locked to it's sun is complete stupidity! At least the author does agree with some points - that the stress involved would cause major seismic activity which nearly caused the planet to break up, and of course the only thing that prevented it was the Enterprise coming through at the last hour (with great damage to [...]

    • Daniel Kukwa says:

      When the novel's crisis moment finally arrives, it becomes an action-packed, compelling read. Up until that point, however, it's merely a pleasant diversionwhen it could be so much more. It's a novel where the author is too enamored with the science plot, and leaves the character drama on a rather mild simmerwhich is rather astonishing, considering the massive planetary peril involved. There's also a very odd side-track into the world of beer which borders on the surreal. A case of something sol [...]

    • Mikael Kuoppala says:

      An energetic and fun book with some great political undertones and keen characterization.

    • Pam Bales says:

      It is a novel set in the Star Trek Universe. Back in the day, they were terrific. If you are a fan of the series, you will enjoy the books.

    • J.D. says:

      Oh, I've loved this book, really in spirit of TOS. Almost 5 stars.

    • Joseph Stiles says:

      This book is incredibly silly.

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