Bubbles, Bubbles (Sesame Beginnings)

Bubbles Bubbles Sesame Beginnings Visit the zoo with Sesame Beginnings buddies Part of the educational Sesame Beginnings board book series

  • Title: Bubbles, Bubbles (Sesame Beginnings)
  • Author: Sesame Workshop
  • ISBN: 9781593948948
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Board book
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      313 Sesame Workshop
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    Visit the zoo with Sesame Beginnings buddies Part of the educational Sesame Beginnings board book series.

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    • John Yelverton says:

      Cute book about a baby taking a bath.

    • Mike says:

      Riveting! A real page turner! Can't put it down!

    • Akil Salim Dick says:

      very entertaining and a learning book for my 2-year-old. So far one of his favorites

    • Adrian says:

      She loved this one! Maybe not as much as Brainy Baby, but closest, yet!

    • Sasha says:

      Very cute book with Sesame Street baby characters.

    • Viridiana Rico says:

      This is a rhyming book for infants. This can help infants learn the word "bubbles", and they can learn some of their body parts like nose and toes. I believe infants will love this book because it shows bright colors, and children love sesame street. While I read this book out loud, I would touch the infants toes and nose softly when the words "nose and toes" comes up. Also, this book introduces numbers only from one through three, and I will say 1,2,3 and showing them 1-3 with my fingers as I a [...]

    • Robert Beveridge says:

      No author listed, Bubbles, Bubbles! (Bendon Publishing, 2008)A couple of weeks ago in another review, I finally threw down the gauntlet and declared any book without complete information is getting docked points. I'm not the only one that feels this way; a recent article at deadspin (deadspin/5889376/if-you-gi), “10 Tips for Avoiding Terrible Children's Books”, clocks in at #9 with this gem: “9. Never buy any book that's a movie or TV tie-in. Most of these books don't even list a proper au [...]

    • Meg McGregor says:

      Visit the zoo with Sesame Beginnings buddies! Part of the educational Sesame Beginnings board book seriesROR! ERROR! ERROR!This book has nothing to do with going to the zoo. So on from there.This is a delightful book with the Sesame Street Babies enjoying bubbles everywhere.They like when bubbles land on their toes, on their heads, in their baths, how they fly so high, and they like to count the bubbles too!A great book to read everyday especially before and after bubble time!

    • Marmee Zen says:

      My aged 2.5 child and my aged 9.5 month child both like this book. The pictures depict the baby versions of Sesame Street characters and every page has lots of bubbles. My toddler gets excited every time about one of the characters eating a bar of soap, which is in two of the pictures but not a part of the story. The beginning face and body part references are great for infant teaching and interaction along with the story.

    • Lindsey says:

      Kid1 loves this book, which is ironic, given the usual fuss at bath time. This short, rhyming book talks about how fun bubbles are. It's a great way to introduce bath time or parts of the body (bubbles are on the characters nose, toes, hair, etc.). My little one already thinks Cookie Monster eating the soap is funny!Features Bert & Ernie, Elmo, and Cookie Monster.

    • M J says:

      Well We tried to read this book. However it seems that the book was at the Dollar Tree because the outside doesn't match the insides. There was not able to be found in this book. I believe what we actually read was nighty night. Still a cute book either way goes. Love the little Sesame Street characters.

    • Angeles says:

      This isn't the same cover we have in ours, but my Nephew LOVES this book. He will ask for it 3-4 times in a row. Now that he is over a year old, I think he will start experimenting with bubbles on his own

    • Christine says:

      Really cute book for little little ones, with bright colors and activities to teach them about bathtime and parts of their bodies. Plus, Cookie Monster eats a bar of soap! It's pretty much can't lose.

    • Jamie Forrest says:

      This is currently G's favourite book by far. I think we've read it at least 100 times! G doesn't have many words yet, but she will pick this book up, bring it to me, say "bubbles" and climb into my lap until I read it!

    • Elisa Pereyra-Molina says:

      This is book for babies and toddlers with bright colors and big simple pictures. This story can help youngsters become more comfortable with bath time. It's also fun to read to children and listen as they mimic some of the words their familiar characters use in this book.

    • Yejide says:

      Enjoyable book for young children. Has lots of bubbles on the pages and most importantly, has Elmo on the front cover which immediately gets the children's attention. It also teacher body parts and numbers 1-3.

    • Kelly says:

      Colt adores this book and will read it 10x in a row. I like it bc I love how he points to his nose, toes, and hair, and helps me count to 3 with it. Plus Elmo makes an appearance. Good times for all.

    • Heather says:

      This is a popular book in my room. I we have a 14 month old who goes for this almost every time I say "Go pick a book.". The story catches their attention especially when you read it in an excited voice and use hand motions to go with. This is a good baby book.

    • Joan says:

      The rhymes in this book are fun to read, and my son just loves saying the word "bubbles," which helps him read along with the story.

    • Stefani says:

      Cyrus likes this book

    • Ashley says:

      I would give this 1-2 stars, but Alice would give it 5. I'm compromising with a 3. A completely pointless book about bubbles in a bathtub with baby images of Sesame Street characters.

    • Jessica Nekuda says:

      Got this for free at a Halloween Party!!! Love it

    • Alicia says:

      this book is the only book that can make my godson stop dead in his tracks in the middle of a crying fit, sit down, and declare, "read it!"

    • Kelly says:

      Brynn only has "At the Zoo" i wouldnt mind having Bubbles, Bubbles

    • Shi'Asia says:

      My 15 month old cousin loves this book! It's basically about Sesame Street characters taking a bubble bath. Very bright colors and words for baby to repeat.

    • Kimberly says:

      4 books in this series:Bubbles, Bubbles = my daughters favoriteAt the ZooNighty NightFingers & Toes

    • Sarah says:

      Another one of my son's favorites!

    • Nikki Wilson says:

      Big words, bright and large picturesrfect for my 1 year old. It's quick and aimed at babies & early-aged toddlers.

    • Angeliqueuy says:

      My 1 year old baby loved this best. When I say, "Give me book." He'd immediately drop on his knees to pick this one up and put it on my hand. And he'd do it again and again after I read it. :P

    • Mia Morrison says:

      A cute way to introduce young children to bath time fun.

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